Nerzwimpern und mehr verfuegbar was ist der vorteil?
Lust for Life, love and life, sex, home, kindness, language, silence, believe, anger, rage, silence and violence. Deeply connected to intensity, to the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, to my roots and to british soul music. This is 'I AM SOUNDS'. Frankfurt's music scene is great and I am proud to be part of it. 'I AM SOUNDS' is emotions, style, soul expressed in a very Radiohead, Oasis, Ashcroft, Blur, Coldplay- esk way. Be part of it, soon. I've written and composed more than 100 songs over the last 10 years under the name of 'I AM SOUNDS'. Then the feeling grew the tunes should receive a bigger access to people by not only performing the songs live to a small range of people, now the EP and LP are focussed. I'll get a selection of my songs out - in June you can officially listen to my E.P. 'Jumpin' The Shark', in January my L.P. "Masses For The Music" is gonna be released. Wish you fun by listening to it. It's BIG POP, retro, british, classic and modern. The EP was recorded in Tonstudio Bieber together with the legendarious Oliver Rüger. 1000 Thanks for your commitment, Oli - you are legend. Although you don't like to hear such compliments ;) Oli is generally known for his work with Sasha or Max Mutzke. Parallel he's responsible for great Indie Productions. And known for his Bands, for instance Seesaw or Bugman. He'll produce my upcoming LP, too. To me it's the best choice and awesome to work with him. If you like, SUPPORT me: Listen to more 'I AM SOUNDS' and buy local music (!) Real Music. The Good Will Come Out. Songwriting for other acts, more Albums by 'I AM SOUNDS' are already in planning. Stay tuned.
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